New topic is coming.


I have new sharing news about new tips about make up, clothes and traveling. Which one should I post first?

If you have any idea?

Please let me know.

Thanks for reading


Hai Lynners,

Today, I want to really apologize you guys not to really posting on article these month. some past month, I was really busy because I’m become a last year student in University. you know that i quite busy because of what. heheh..

So, I am trying to get some topics for my next article and if you have some topic that can be share. please comment below.

I really appreciate the people who have comment below




which topics that I should choose?

Hai all to my readers of LYNn,

Today is 20th post on this web. i didn’t know it’s already 20th until I saw it today. hahaha… in this post, actually I want to get a opinion of you. i got a several topics but I confused which topics that I should write about. so, there is the topics

  1. cosmetics
  2. food
  3. fashion (clothes, etc)

Actually I want to tell a story a little bit about my life. but, i think it’s no a good options. so, will you tell me which one that I should discuss about? and give me the reasons. okay?


Want to be fashionable?

Now, I’m back with fashion blogger :). Many of People trying become fashionable just like fashion blogger. i think i will give you some tips if you are not fashion blogger but look likes fashionable person.


OOTD heritage.jpg

  1. trying to search somes unique top. just like on my tops. it’s really helping you to become fashionable. but it must keep it simple. just like some people say simple is the best. right?
  2. trying some pants / skirt / skort looks the best on you and keep it simple. also try to buy pants/skirt/skort looks on your line shapes and try to buy dark colours
  3. After that, try to use some comfortable shoes with neutral colours if you have a lot activity in outdoort and indoor

so, this is some example for my way to fashionable. how about yours?


This the note OOTD i’m wearing :

  • The tops i bought in Lalu. They have many outfit really comfortable. i think you should try bought it
  • The pants i was bought in Meiji. it was many style it was really suit on my style. 🙂
  • The shoes was in clark.

I hope you enjoyed it.

LYn & YEi