New topic is coming.


I have new sharing news about new tips about make up, clothes and traveling. Which one should I post first?

If you have any idea?

Please let me know.

Thanks for reading


Hai Lynners,

Today, I want to really apologize you guys not to really posting on article these month. some past month, I was really busy because I’m become a last year student in University. you know that i quite busy because of what. heheh..

So, I am trying to get some topics for my next article and if you have some topic that can be share. please comment below.

I really appreciate the people who have comment below




which topics that I should choose?

Hai all to my readers of LYNn,

Today is 20th post on this web. i didn’t know it’s already 20th until I saw it today. hahaha… in this post, actually I want to get a opinion of you. i got a several topics but I confused which topics that I should write about. so, there is the topics

  1. cosmetics
  2. food
  3. fashion (clothes, etc)

Actually I want to tell a story a little bit about my life. but, i think it’s no a good options. so, will you tell me which one that I should discuss about? and give me the reasons. okay?


Hairstyle of 2016

Hello to all my readers Lyn&Lei,

In this article, I want to disscuss about hair style that i got the first one in 2016. very funny topic, isn’t it? :). So, the last year, I was cutting my hair really straight hairstyle and didn’t have layer. The hairstylist in that salon (barber shop) said to me that straight hairstyle was really trendy in that year. So i cut it in straight hairstyle.

In this year, 2016, I was really liked colouring my ย hair. So, I decided to colour my hair. At first, I want to colour my hair in blue grey and chocolate hair. The hairstylist said to me that grey is one of trendy colour of this year. But, I don’t like to bleaching my hair because I’m afraid my hair has gray hair after 6-12 months.

In the conclusion, i decided to colouring my hair on dark brown and copper red. The result was more beautiful and cooler than I expected. I think you can colouring in that hair as your referrence and I hope that this article can be benefit for you

The result of my hair ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks. LYn&LEi.

Pose like a model? It’s easy


Back with fashion blogger..
Hmm.. this time i made something and quite exciting new article.๐Ÿ˜

The title is The easy way to pose like a model.

Quite exciting? Isn’t it๐Ÿ˜?
Now, i will give you some tips.

1. Try to pose naturaly with some moves just like coco rocha. If you haven’t heard coco rocha, i think you must watch on youtube first.

2. Sometimes if you have a time or selfie, just try to emoticon in a mirror or you phone. It helps you become fashionable


In this picture, i tried to pose with some of my tips. How do you think? Quite cool isn’t it?

Merk ootd
– top: lalu
– pants: marks and spencer
– shoes : belaggio
– bag : nikkou

I hope this article will help you and i hope you will enjoyed