Hai foodist!

being back on food again…

today. i want to show you somes unique recipe that i try on facebook video last 2/3 months. it’s quite delcious.

Tadaa.. quite interesting isn’t it…  it’s good for eating at night. i guess.. if you really want to know the recipe. comment below. then i will tell you on next post.


Cakes? I think you will love it.

Hai guys, Now I’m being food blogger again.

Today, I want especially to talk about one of my favourite pastry and restaurant. The name was Lareia.

They selling cakes, drinks, and breakfast/lunch/dinner food. but, their speciality was cakes. I love the cakes because of soft texture and not really to sweet


The cake was green tea flavour and the tea.. i think i was forgot the name.. sorry 😦


The pic on above was pork with rice and egg. also have some sauce it was really delicious.20151007_173455

and salmon with bread and egg

I hope you will enjoyed it


Food? This is it.


Back in foodie again, some food was so good to eat. It was really simple food but it was delicious. It was from noodle with pork. The place was in penang, malaysia.

If you guys loves pork, i think this one really good dish. And also i have really love the drink. It was tea tarik. Their tea tarik was really have unique taste and good aroma.

I hope you enjoyed it.

LYn & YEi