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how to dress in college

Hai Lynners,

I think i have special case from you this time. i hope you will enjoyed it. so, today i want to talk about how to dress simply and polite if you are college student. I have a few recommendations for you if you are a college students.

FIRST. use a simple top and pants.

SECOND. if you like really flowery top, you can use a simply flowery top.

THIRD. search the comfortable and stylish clothes


I have a few picture from some source from internet that you can use for styling

It’s some example that you can use from styling. if you have more questions or request please comment below.




Hai Lynners,

Today, I want to really apologize you guys not to really posting on article these month. some past month, I was really busy because I’m become a last year student in University. you know that i quite busy because of what. heheh..

So, I am trying to get some topics for my next article and if you have some topic that can be share. please comment below.

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Hairstyle of 2016

Hello to all my readers Lyn&Lei,

In this article, I want to disscuss about hair style that i got the first one in 2016. very funny topic, isn’t it? :). So, the last year, I was cutting my hair really straight hairstyle and didn’t have layer. The hairstylist in that salon (barber shop) said to me that straight hairstyle was really trendy in that year. So i cut it in straight hairstyle.

In this year, 2016, I was really liked colouring my ย hair. So, I decided to colour my hair. At first, I want to colour my hair in blue grey and chocolate hair. The hairstylist said to me that grey is one of trendy colour of this year. But, I don’t like to bleaching my hair because I’m afraid my hair has gray hair after 6-12 months.

In the conclusion, i decided to colouring my hair on dark brown and copper red. The result was more beautiful and cooler than I expected. I think you can colouring in that hair as your referrence and I hope that this article can be benefit for you

The result of my hair ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks. LYn&LEi.

My Secret of Diet

Hello to my readers Lyn & Lei, I’m really sorry that I took a long period to post recently. I was searching some topics to discuss actually. i’m apologize for my bad english. hehehe…

In this post, i want to discuss a little bit different than usual topics. so in the past few weeks, i was on diet. i gain weight from Bali actually. haha… so, i decided to lost some weights.

Usually I’m the people who can’t wake up in the early morning. so, i’m usually exercising in the evening or night. in 5/6/7pm, I’m always exercising in some class such as yoga, TRX, and many more. after that, I go home and eat dinner.

usually I’m on diet, my dinner is salad. in past few weeks, i’m doing that and i’m lost a couple of kg. also if you didn’t like salad, i think you can eat fruits or food that can satisfy your belly. but, i don’t recommend of you eat cheese, pork and some food deep fried in it after you do the night exercise.

if you want to know more dieting, i think i can help you with that. you can comment me or personal chat with me. also you can reblog this post if you want to. thanks for reading and let me know if you want to know more. okay?

p.s I make this article based on my experience

Want to be fashionable?

Now, I’m back with fashion blogger :). Many of People trying become fashionable just like fashion blogger. i think i will give you some tips if you are not fashion blogger but look likes fashionable person.


OOTD heritage.jpg

  1. trying to search somes unique top. just like on my tops. it’s really helping you to become fashionable. but it must keep it simple. just like some people say simple is the best. right?
  2. trying some pants / skirt / skort looks the best on you and keep it simple. also try to buy pants/skirt/skort looks on your line shapes and try to buy dark colours
  3. After that, try to use some comfortable shoes with neutral colours if you have a lot activity in outdoort and indoor

so, this is some example for my way to fashionable. how about yours?


This the note OOTD i’m wearing :

  • The tops i bought in Lalu. They have many outfit really comfortable. i think you should try bought it
  • The pants i was bought in Meiji. it was many style it was really suit on my style. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • The shoes was in clark.

I hope you enjoyed it.

LYn & YEi








Hai guys, now i’m back with some new inspiration. So in this picture is penang heritage. It was really have a good picture. Also, this is almost the day of christmas and new year. Red is the best colour to celebrate it๐Ÿ˜.

And then, the top was really comfortable to wear. It was merk mark and spencer. Also the pants was i bought in jakarta, meiji. It was really comfortable. I think it was from thailand. My shoes is from clarks. It was old edition but it really comfortable if you go into some trip.

I hope you enjoy my article
LYn & LEi