Perfect places for valentine!

Hai LYNn-ers… 

I am not quite realize that already February and 12 days left before Valentines days! So, I think quite perfect to give you some romantic spots for your valentine days with your boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband.. 😀

1. Platinum grill

It’s quite romantic in night at platinum grill. The place is perfect if you want to have a romantic night.

You can search of that web for picture and info for the adresss and phone
2. Domicile

Domicile cafe.. quite perfect if you want to have glamourous night on your valentine days. The place is quite perfect for hang out or romantic days.

That is the link for find out more..

That’s all that I know.. the most romantic places that I have found.. 

MY social life

Hai LYNn-ers

So, actually, i’m planning to post new topic of article. but, I’m stuck and confuse what to write. So, I’m thinking that my followers in wordpress that didn’t know my social media. I have two accounts of my daily use social media. the first one is blog and second is IG.

my IG id is @willywinnie or you can click :

So you can follow me and I will follow you back.