Maybe you never hear patbingso or maybe you ever heard patbingso. Actually patbingso is korean dessert. Fortunately, i had tried them in Singapore and Indonesian.

P.s I must say.. it’s quite delicious!

First one i tried the first patbingso in singapore because my mom and i always walking through their store. Not only that, every evening and night their store always full! Many people is waiting just to try that dessert. So, my mom and i become so curious of that dessert.

Quite make you mouth watering isn’t it. This is the one of dessert that i have tried. So delicious though.. and i think that the workers is korean people. So i think you must try it. If you want to try is in orchard road. And they have an ig @icelab

That one is another dessert that i had tried. And also have a great place for taking photo

So, i will go to the next topic about pat big so in Indonesia. Actually is not different for Singapore but they have a different concept.

This the patbingso that i have tried. But i recomended to not use the syrup because indonesian sweet always too sweet for me. I’m also recommended the food in here.

So this is the place in Indonesia, Surabaya. The store name it’s patbingso. Also you can search the ig @patbingso
So? Where will you go? Singapore or Indonesia patbingso? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I hope you enjoyed the topic…



Hai Lynners,

Today, I want to really apologize you guys not to really posting on article these month. some past month, I was really busy because I’m become a last year student in University. you know that i quite busy because of what. heheh..

So, I am trying to get some topics for my next article and if you have some topic that can be share. please comment below.

I really appreciate the people who have comment below




Friends coffee

One of the restaurant you MUST TRY!


The avacado drink was really delicious it has coffee, ice cream, and avacado. After that, they have a good service for customer and if you really loved coffee i think you must try this.


Not only that, the markisa drink was really refreshing it’s from real fruit.

Name cafe: friends coffee
Location: medan

which topics that I should choose?

Hai all to my readers of LYNn,

Today is 20th post on this web. i didn’t know it’s already 20th until I saw it today. hahaha… in this post, actually I want to get a opinion of you. i got a several topics but I confused which topics that I should write about. so, there is the topics

  1. cosmetics
  2. food
  3. fashion (clothes, etc)

Actually I want to tell a story a little bit about my life. but, i think it’s no a good options. so, will you tell me which one that I should discuss about? and give me the reasons. okay?


My Secret of Diet

Hello to my readers Lyn & Lei, I’m really sorry that I took a long period to post recently. I was searching some topics to discuss actually. i’m apologize for my bad english. hehehe…

In this post, i want to discuss a little bit different than usual topics. so in the past few weeks, i was on diet. i gain weight from Bali actually. haha… so, i decided to lost some weights.

Usually I’m the people who can’t wake up in the early morning. so, i’m usually exercising in the evening or night. in 5/6/7pm, I’m always exercising in some class such as yoga, TRX, and many more. after that, I go home and eat dinner.

usually I’m on diet, my dinner is salad. in past few weeks, i’m doing that and i’m lost a couple of kg. also if you didn’t like salad, i think you can eat fruits or food that can satisfy your belly. but, i don’t recommend of you eat cheese, pork and some food deep fried in it after you do the night exercise.

if you want to know more dieting, i think i can help you with that. you can comment me or personal chat with me. also you can reblog this post if you want to. thanks for reading and let me know if you want to know more. okay?

p.s I make this article based on my experience

Food Famous Bali



Hai guys, today the writer want to review some restaurant that i have always liked it.

The most recomended food in bali. Babi guling😁. It was really delicious. I have never thought the pork was fluffy and juicy.

The place was from teuku umar street and the restaurant name was babi guling chandra.

I hope you enjoyed it
Lyn and lei


Hai guys, today i want to show about food that i was eat in restaurant bakerzin.

i have eaten there couple of times. but i want to show you really unique.

This was unique salad has a flavour sweet and sour.


The second was pasta. It was really unique the top of it was uncooked salmon and cooked with cheese and tomato sauce.


The special one was ice cream. I was really unique with some dry ice in it. Also with some chocolate in it.

So, this is a little review about it. I hope you enjoyed it.
Nb: you can ask about it or you can ask for new topic about the article.



Hai Guys, it’s quite a long time that i didn’t post something. today i want to give a recipe that i make and some of people want to know the recipe was.

so, the ingrendients are :

  • milk(1 cup)
  • egg (2 pcs)
  • salt

and then, mixed it. if you steam it for 10 minutes it’s cawan mushi. if you microwave it. it will become a ommelete.

So, i hope you enjoyed it