A Little Bit of My Life

I am really sorry that I haven’t write a story for couple months. I have a lot of depression about my life and the other stuff that makes me really lifeless. I really don’t know if I should share this story for you guys but I am stuck and I don’t know what to do anymore. So, I decided to tell you this story. If you really read it, please give me an opinion.

I had finished my thesis in last year and I was recruited in company on July, 2017. At first, I didn’t work to that company because the boss was my father’s friend. But, My mom was convinced me to work there. So, I work there as exporter/importer sales staff.

In first month, everything was great. My boss and co-workers was kind to me and give me a lot of advice and I am trying my best to get his expectation. But, on the second month, I feel like My boss didn’t like me and always search my mistakes of my work. Although My Co-workers and I feel didn’t have mistakes for my work. So, I feel like this job is really too tough for me and I am quit for that job.

In last day, on my job, My boss didn’t like me and I was told that I am a parasite in front of my co-workers because one of my co-workers ask me something by writing and I didn’t know what she was writing. After that, I am still communicating with my co-workers sometimes.

After, I am quit for my job. My dad is forced me to work in the same job again. I didn’t like it for my job because it was too tough for me and I don’t have passion of that job. I was thinking that I try to have a business with my friend but My dad and Mom didn’t support me. My dad also think that I hadn’t have any experience but I am thinking experience can be learn from everywhere.

After few weeks from quit my job, I was trying secretly with my friend do a small business and I take sewing classes to fill my empty time. I am also get a part time job. but, my dad force me to work again for full time in big company. But, I feel like I didn’t ready and I have a little bit of trauma because of my last job.

So, I am thinking for get a fashion classes and become a fashion designer. I am thinking like this for giving my time to grow my small business and I really enjoyed when I get a sewing classes although sometimes my teacher mad at me. My mom and Dad is giving their permission that I can get a fashion design class. But I feel like they didn’t really approve me for getting a fashion classes.

What do you think? Did I make the right choice?

thank you for reading..