Tips for blogging

Hi Lynne’rs

Long time no see! It was really nice again that I have a time for blogging. Yeay.. haha.. I was really thankful for you that I most get the almost 1 thousand viewers. I never believe that past years that it I have a lot of viewers from a lot of country and especially in America and Indonesia.

So, for celebrating the joy, I really wanted to give you a tips that I was hoping that inspired for whom just have started blogging or senior bloggers. So, today, the tips it’s how you can make an good blog :

  1. The visual. Maybe you are wondering why the visuals? Actually the visuals makes people wanted to read more. Just like a famous fashion blog like “songofstyle”. It is really makes a beautiful visuals and photos that people want to read more of her blog.
  2. The contents. I believe that some of you understand why content it is important. A good content can make inspired the people that want to do more reading. I believe the readers needs a good knowledge for her or his daily life.
  3. Time posting. The last condition was really hard for me to do because a lot of schedules and didn’t get enough sleep. But, a good ways for me to can become famous it’s get a routine schedule for posting.
  4. Hashtag. This condition was really important for posting because you can get new viewers by hastag.

So this is the tips for you guys. I hope you are really enjoyed it.

See you again soon!

10 thoughts on “Tips for blogging

  1. This is so helpful! I just started my blog and I’ve never blogged before. I’ve been doing a lot of research on it though. One question… how do you know what to put in hashtags?


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