Maybe you never hear patbingso or maybe you ever heard patbingso. Actually patbingso is korean dessert. Fortunately, i had tried them in Singapore and Indonesian.

P.s I must say.. it’s quite delicious!

First one i tried the first patbingso in singapore because my mom and i always walking through their store. Not only that, every evening and night their store always full! Many people is waiting just to try that dessert. So, my mom and i become so curious of that dessert.

Quite make you mouth watering isn’t it. This is the one of dessert that i have tried. So delicious though.. and i think that the workers is korean people. So i think you must try it. If you want to try is in orchard road. And they have an ig @icelab

That one is another dessert that i had tried. And also have a great place for taking photo

So, i will go to the next topic about pat big so in Indonesia. Actually is not different for Singapore but they have a different concept.

This the patbingso that i have tried. But i recomended to not use the syrup because indonesian sweet always too sweet for me. I’m also recommended the food in here.

So this is the place in Indonesia, Surabaya. The store name it’s patbingso. Also you can search the ig @patbingso
So? Where will you go? Singapore or Indonesia patbingso? 😆😆

I hope you enjoyed the topic…


recommended OLSHOP

Hai LYNn-ers..

i actually want to recommend you some clothes that i buy with online shop. the name is berry benka. many cool product there that I always bought in Berry benka and the link is below :

i hope that you like it!

MY social life

Hai LYNn-ers

So, actually, i’m planning to post new topic of article. but, I’m stuck and confuse what to write. So, I’m thinking that my followers in wordpress that didn’t know my social media. I have two accounts of my daily use social media. the first one is blog and second is IG.

my IG id is @willywinnie or you can click :

So you can follow me and I will follow you back.




Kudos cafe review

Hai Lynn-ers.. 

It’s quite a long time that i didn’t post a new article. So today, i want to review a cafe that really good in Surabaya, Indonesia.  

I really want to review this cafe because the place is really nice for studying and working. 

It’s quite nice isn’t it? The atmosphere and the lightning is the best place for study.. 

This the meal that i ordered in kudos cafe. It was quite delicious though. But i think it’s better place for studying.. 

So, that is my review for kudos cafe, surabaya. If you want to go there.. you can search in instagram named kudoscafe or you can click

I hope that you enjoy to read this review. Thanks for read.