New year edition!
First of all, i want to say merry christmas and happy new year to all of you. I hope that your journey becomes wonderful to all of you in 2016. 😁

So, the first article in 2016. I want to show my tatto temporary in Bali. It was the most cool event in Bali. In my vision, it was the most fenomenal and the most excited that i have ever had.

Also, i really like the design of this tatto. It was very beautiful flower combine with batik. I think it was really difficult to do the tatto. So, i was really appreciate who was drawing this tatto of my hand. 😁

The other things that i want to say, if you never or ever come to Bali and didn’t do this tatto temporary, i really recommended that to do this tatto. If you have a time in beach because it was really a gift that you have in Bali.

And then, its quite matchable if you do this with some beach clothes😁

I hope you enjoyed it.
Lyn and lei


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