New year edition!
First of all, i want to say merry christmas and happy new year to all of you. I hope that your journey becomes wonderful to all of you in 2016. 😁

So, the first article in 2016. I want to show my tatto temporary in Bali. It was the most cool event in Bali. In my vision, it was the most fenomenal and the most excited that i have ever had.

Also, i really like the design of this tatto. It was very beautiful flower combine with batik. I think it was really difficult to do the tatto. So, i was really appreciate who was drawing this tatto of my hand. 😁

The other things that i want to say, if you never or ever come to Bali and didn’t do this tatto temporary, i really recommended that to do this tatto. If you have a time in beach because it was really a gift that you have in Bali.

And then, its quite matchable if you do this with some beach clothes😁

I hope you enjoyed it.
Lyn and lei


Food Famous Bali



Hai guys, today the writer want to review some restaurant that i have always liked it.

The most recomended food in bali. Babi guling😁. It was really delicious. I have never thought the pork was fluffy and juicy.

The place was from teuku umar street and the restaurant name was babi guling chandra.

I hope you enjoyed it
Lyn and lei


Hai guys, today i want to show about food that i was eat in restaurant bakerzin.

i have eaten there couple of times. but i want to show you really unique.

This was unique salad has a flavour sweet and sour.


The second was pasta. It was really unique the top of it was uncooked salmon and cooked with cheese and tomato sauce.


The special one was ice cream. I was really unique with some dry ice in it. Also with some chocolate in it.

So, this is a little review about it. I hope you enjoyed it.
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Hai Guys, it’s quite a long time that i didn’t post something. today i want to give a recipe that i make and some of people want to know the recipe was.

so, the ingrendients are :

  • milk(1 cup)
  • egg (2 pcs)
  • salt

and then, mixed it. if you steam it for 10 minutes it’s cawan mushi. if you microwave it. it will become a ommelete.

So, i hope you enjoyed it


unique food

I’m being back on food again..

so, today, i want to show you a food that really interestig for you. i hope. the discussion i discuss today is about ice cream. this ice cream was really unique and the flavor was delicious.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 11.04.43 AM

i’m sorry the pic was not potrait. i had trouble with the internet

i hope you enjoyed it



hai guys, it’s quite a long time that i didn’t post something. i’m quite busy with my exam college recently and try something new. πŸ™‚

so, today i want give you special edition of my article. hehehe

hmmm.. if you really want to request something about article. i think i will help you. πŸ™‚

For today, I want to show you of my drawing. i hope it will inspire you. although my drawing isn’t good as others. i hope you will like it. so, i have a theme of for my fashion drawing. hehehe.

It’s christ&year. it means a theme for christmas and new year

I hope you will enjoyed. Thanks for reading



Today, I will tell you some inspirational story of fashion. How fashion designer or fashion blogger or fashion stylist defines her/himself with some words. I know that the her/him haven’t really an easy journey in her/him business. So, today I think I will share some of people and i think it’s quite inspirational.

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. fashion is over quickly. style is forever” – Ralph Lauren

I always feel on this quotes it’s defines to show who we are. if defines something not who I are is really make me not comfortable. it’s just like use mask in other people.

just Rachel Zoe said :

style is a way to say who you are without having a speak – Rachel Zoe

I know it’s not really easy to search how to say who we are.Β  It’s just like style of fashion and i think it’s inspirational story.

and how about yours?

I hope you enjoyed it