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A Little Bit of My Life

I am really sorry that I haven’t write a story for couple months. I have a lot of depression about my life and the other stuff that makes me really lifeless. I really don’t know if I should share this story for you guys but I am stuck and I don’t know what to do anymore. So, I decided to tell you this story. If you really read it, please give me an opinion.

I had finished my thesis in last year and I was recruited in company on July, 2017. At first, I didn’t work to that company because the boss was my father’s friend. But, My mom was convinced me to work there. So, I work there as exporter/importer sales staff.

In first month, everything was great. My boss and co-workers was kind to me and give me a lot of advice and I am trying my best to get his expectation. But, on the second month, I feel like My boss didn’t like me and always search my mistakes of my work. Although My Co-workers and I feel didn’t have mistakes for my work. So, I feel like this job is really too tough for me and I am quit for that job.

In last day, on my job, My boss didn’t like me and I was told that I am a parasite in front of my co-workers because one of my co-workers ask me something by writing and I didn’t know what she was writing. After that, I am still communicating with my co-workers sometimes.

After, I am quit for my job. My dad is forced me to work in the same job again. I didn’t like it for my job because it was too tough for me and I don’t have passion of that job. I was thinking that I try to have a business with my friend but My dad and Mom didn’t support me. My dad also think that I hadn’t have any experience but I am thinking experience can be learn from everywhere.

After few weeks from quit my job, I was trying secretly with my friend do a small business and I take sewing classes to fill my empty time. I am also get a part time job. but, my dad force me to work again for full time in big company. But, I feel like I didn’t ready and I have a little bit of trauma because of my last job.

So, I am thinking for get a fashion classes and become a fashion designer. I am thinking like this for giving my time to grow my small business and I really enjoyed when I get a sewing classes although sometimes my teacher mad at me. My mom and Dad is giving their permission that I can get a fashion design class. But I feel like they didn’t really approve me for getting a fashion classes.

What do you think? Did I make the right choice?

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Tips for blogging

Hi Lynne’rs

Long time no see! It was really nice again that I have a time for blogging. Yeay.. haha.. I was really thankful for you that I most get the almost 1 thousand viewers. I never believe that past years that it I have a lot of viewers from a lot of country and especially in America and Indonesia.

So, for celebrating the joy, I really wanted to give you a tips that I was hoping that inspired for whom just have started blogging or senior bloggers. So, today, the tips it’s how you can make an good blog :

  1. The visual. Maybe you are wondering why the visuals? Actually the visuals makes people wanted to read more. Just like a famous fashion blog like “songofstyle”. It is really makes a beautiful visuals and photos that people want to read more of her blog.
  2. The contents. I believe that some of you understand why content it is important. A good content can make inspired the people that want to do more reading. I believe the readers needs a good knowledge for her or his daily life.
  3. Time posting. The last condition was really hard for me to do because a lot of schedules and didn’t get enough sleep. But, a good ways for me to can become famous it’s get a routine schedule for posting.
  4. Hashtag. This condition was really important for posting because you can get new viewers by hastag.

So this is the tips for you guys. I hope you are really enjoyed it.

See you again soon!


Hi Lynn-ers!

I’m really sorry for past two months that I can’t get a new post blog. Recently, I was quite busy with my new online shop and I just went to Medan, Indonesia to pray my ancestors. Maybe you will ask, “what is your religion?”. Actually I’m a Buddhist. So, back to the topic, I will discuss about “4 WAYS TO HAVE YOUR GREAT TIME IN MEDAN”


I think you will ask why am I make this topic. Recently, I have just realized that Medan have a quite a lot of destination to make a tour. Sometimes, I think that Medan was boring place with no any good place to go. But, actually it’s quite a lot. So, this is my explanation to you.


  1. Medan has many culinary place that You will like. I have some recommendations that you will liked.
  • Ana restaurant placed in Orion street. It’s quite nice place if you eat with your family. It’s a lot of many dishes that Indonesian people use to eat it in their home. The restaurant is open for lunch until dinner.


  • Selat panjang street – porridge. The place was like streets restaurants. It’s a lot place to eat but I recommended the porridge. It’s nice place to eat and always a lot of people eat their dishes. The restaurant usually open at night.


  • Semarang street. This street have a lot of street food that you can eat. Also open at night. I also think this street have a lot delicious food. I seldom went there because I more preferred selat panjang street food than semarang street.


  • Jose rizal street. It’s a nice place if you want to eat noodle fish, popiak and sate Padang. I’m really sorry that o have not a pic for noodle fish. But, it’s always a lot of people to eat and only open at night


  1. I think you should have go to mountains place such as go to simalem resort – lake of toba. Their air was really nice and a lot of oxygen and you can see the beauty of lake of toba.
  2. If you feel bored, you should go to center point Medan mall. It’s the most modern mall in many ways. I feel that center point Medan mall, has a lot trip to buy something.
  3. If you want to have a tea time. You can go to macehat and tip top. That 2 places was the best way to get a tea time. Macehat is the place that really famous for avocado coffee drinks and tip top is really famous for the cake.


So, this is the end of the story. And feel free to add my instagram just add @lynnies1995 or click here

P.S The pict was from google

Perfect style is needed!

Some outfit need to be perfect if you have an event. So, i will tell you some secret that i used a simple stylish outfit. I will tell you three choices outfit that you can look fashionable. 

1. The tee style. This style is pretty with top tee and unique pants or skirt. If you can combined that, i believe quite look fashionable. Another choice that you can use with unique top with simple pants or skirt

2. The dress up. This style is quite an effort to be cool stylist. Using an accesory can improve your look to become more stylish person. The best come up stylish accesories is such as unique sunglasses or unique bag. 

3. The formal style. This look that I always use for going to college or business appointment. Sometimes I’m searching the casual one such as shirt with long pants and sometimes use highheels or sometimes use comfortable shoes

Done! It’s a style that i recomended to become stylish person. Useful? Please let me know or comment something that i can improve this blog!

Perfect places for valentine!

Hai LYNn-ers… 

I am not quite realize that already February and 12 days left before Valentines days! So, I think quite perfect to give you some romantic spots for your valentine days with your boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband.. πŸ˜€

1. Platinum grill

It’s quite romantic in night at platinum grill. The place is perfect if you want to have a romantic night.

You can search of that web for picture and info for the adresss and phone
2. Domicile

Domicile cafe.. quite perfect if you want to have glamourous night on your valentine days. The place is quite perfect for hang out or romantic days.

That is the link for find out more..

That’s all that I know.. the most romantic places that I have found.. 


Maybe you never hear patbingso or maybe you ever heard patbingso. Actually patbingso is korean dessert. Fortunately, i had tried them in Singapore and Indonesian.

P.s I must say.. it’s quite delicious!

First one i tried the first patbingso in singapore because my mom and i always walking through their store. Not only that, every evening and night their store always full! Many people is waiting just to try that dessert. So, my mom and i become so curious of that dessert.

Quite make you mouth watering isn’t it. This is the one of dessert that i have tried. So delicious though.. and i think that the workers is korean people. So i think you must try it. If you want to try is in orchard road. And they have an ig @icelab

That one is another dessert that i had tried. And also have a great place for taking photo

So, i will go to the next topic about pat big so in Indonesia. Actually is not different for Singapore but they have a different concept.

This the patbingso that i have tried. But i recomended to not use the syrup because indonesian sweet always too sweet for me. I’m also recommended the food in here.

So this is the place in Indonesia, Surabaya. The store name it’s patbingso. Also you can search the ig @patbingso
So? Where will you go? Singapore or Indonesia patbingso? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I hope you enjoyed the topic…


MY social life

Hai LYNn-ers

So, actually, i’m planning to post new topic of article. but, I’m stuck and confuse what to write. So, I’m thinking that my followers in wordpress that didn’t know my social media. I have two accounts of my daily use social media. the first one is blog and second is IG.

my IG id is @willywinnie or you can click :

So you can follow me and I will follow you back.




Kudos cafe review

Hai Lynn-ers.. 

It’s quite a long time that i didn’t post a new article. So today, i want to review a cafe that really good in Surabaya, Indonesia.  

I really want to review this cafe because the place is really nice for studying and working. 

It’s quite nice isn’t it? The atmosphere and the lightning is the best place for study.. 

This the meal that i ordered in kudos cafe. It was quite delicious though. But i think it’s better place for studying.. 

So, that is my review for kudos cafe, surabaya. If you want to go there.. you can search in instagram named kudoscafe or you can click

I hope that you enjoy to read this review. Thanks for read.